Using RootsMagic to maintain local copy of An Ancestry Tree

The data contained in an Ancestry Tree is too important to trust to an online database. I recommend that a local desktop computer copy should always be maintained.

Firstly you should purchase a copy of the RootsMagic v7 (currently only US$29.95 )

Download, and Install the appropriate platform software (Windows, or IOS) and install.

Run RootsMagic and connect to Ancestry.

Click on "Ancestry Icon" in the menu bar,- and login, (if asked), using your Ancestry Username and Password - if you haven't already done so.


Choosing the TreeShare Option.

If you are Downloading an Ancestry Tree; then click on 'Download an Ancestry Tree'.


Choose the Tree to Download.

Select the Tree you require and click on 'Download Ancestry Tree'.


Choosing the 'Destination' for Files'.

RootsMagic displays the 'Create a new RootsMagic file' dialog box.
First click on 'File Location' and enter the File Path on your computer.
Second enter the name of the Tree that you want to create - I usually use the 'Tree name' + 'todays date' - so that I can keep snapshot copies of the Tree over time.

It may take several minutes to download the Tree and all the Media Files.
At the end it will display all the names in the Tree, asking you to Accept. You will then have a copy of the Ancestry Tree on your local Dssktop computer.
These following links show RootsMagic Instructions and Hints.
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