Genealogy Websites (Paid):

These sites provide online databases of historical records and often manage online trees.

Free Genealogy Websites:

These sites provide online databases of historical records.

DNA Testing for Genealogy:

DNA Testing has now become affordable to assist in the mapping of Family Trees.
There are three different types of DNA testing (Autosomal, YDNA, and Mitochondria DNA. The last two are best for distant Ancestor family line 5-12 generations back, whereas the Autosomal is best for 1-6 generations (cousins).
There are several companies providing Autosomal DNA testing.
In general I recommend that people use the AncestryDNA test as the results can be downloaded for deeper analysis. The data can also be uploaded to FTDNA, and for a small fee (US$39) you can use their matching and features. MyHeritage now allow DNA transfers from Ancestry, and other testing companies, but you may require a full subscription to view results.
  • FTDNA 'FTDNA Autosomal Tranfers'
  • Ancestry DNA 'AncestryDNA-with-and-without-an-Ancestry-subscription'

This following site also offers an Excellent Review of the main 5 DNA testing services available.

These following sites referred by the above author also provide excellent information on DNA testing.

Another good site discussing Genealogy resources.

Tranferring Raw DNA Data to GEDmatch:

The information provided by AncestryDNA does not show the actual Chromosomes involved in each match; not even whether the match is on your Maternal or Paternal side.
This information page explains the use of GEDmatch for analysis of the DNA Test Results, and its' use for isolation of ancestral matches. Ancestry DNA hints, and Using GEDmatch


TNG Genealogy Software (for use on websites):

The TNG Family Tree pages on this site were originally created on '' website.
The Desktop program "RootsMagic" was used to create and update a local copy of the Family Tree.
Then a GEDCOM file was exported from the RootsMagic program and uploaded to this TNG website.
  • (TNG) 'The Next Generation' of Genealogy Sitebuilding
  • RootsMagic Roots Magic desktop software

TNG Family Trees on this site

This link will take you to the McIntyre-Trickey and Gibson-Bowen Family Tree.
A login username and password is required.    Click HERE to open TNG Family Tree Pages

Maintaining a backup of an Ancestry Tree using RootsMagic:

The information entered into Ancestry Trees is mostly secure, but subject to accidents, and damage due to data entry errors. It is important to keep local desktop copies of any Tree from Ancestry.
This page explains the use of the RootsMagic7 for local a synchronised Tree.
Using Rootsmagic to maintain local copy of An Ancestry Tree


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