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This page describes the ESP8266 modules and the various hobbyist modules that use this ESP8266 module. The ESP8266 Module provides a full WiFi capability, CPU and RAM and Flash Memory storage. It can provide a complete Web Server or other Internet Capable Circuits with very few extra components.


This is a typical ESP8266 module (in this case a black ESP8266 ESP-01S module).
Other ESP modules such as the ESP-12 are the same, but usually bring out more pins to external connections.
It is comprised of:
  • Espressif ESP8266 IC and WiFi Antenna
  • External Crystal Oscillator
  • SPI Flash Memory; for holding Operating System and Configuration (usually 512kb)
  • Red LED as Power indicator, and Blue LED for activity indicator


  • Kolban's Book Kolban's Book on the ESP32 & ESP8266
  • Kolban's Book is an excellent starting point, and although offered free, a donation of US$4.99 is probably a good idea - to support his excellent work.
  • Wouter's blog ESP8266 – hardware
  • Espressif ESP8266 Original ESP8266 chip manufacturer


The most common of these modules is the ESP-12 that contains an ESP8266 module and breakout board with 16 pins
A simpler module called the ESP-01 uses the same ESP8266 module but only provides 8 pins for access
ESP8266 Module ESP-01

The ESP-01 and ESP-01S Modules
The ESP-01 is the simplest and cheapest ESP8266 module. It can cost as low as AU$3.21 from China with Free postage


There are only eight pins on this ESP-01 module
- They are:
  • GND, VCC, (Power) TXD, RXD (Communication)
  • RESET, and CH_PD (used for programming)
  • GPIO-0 and GPIO-2 (general purpose IO)
  • See: ESP-01 Info (ESP-01 Cheat Sheet)

ESP8266 ESP-12 Module

  • The ESP-12 module brings most of the ESP8266 pins
  • Power supply pins GND, VCC (3.3 Volt).
  • The Communication pins TXD, RXD.
  • It also provides the CH_PD and RESET pins.
  • The Ten General Purpose IO Pins are GPIO0, GPIO2, GPIO4, GPIO5, GPIO15, GPIO13, GPIO12, GPIO14, GPIO16, and the ADC pin.
ESP8266 ESP-12 Module
Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Module

The Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Module
The Huzzah is a more expensive ESP8266 module. This version costs about AU$20.00 plus postage. There is also a more expensive version that includes a micro USB port.
This module provides all the main pins that the ESP-12 module provides
It also provides a reset switch and programming switch.
Like the ESP-12, it requires a separate USB-FTDI interface module for the TXD and RXD pins.

  • GND, VCC, (Power) TXD, RXD (Communication)
  • RESET, and CH_PD (used for programming)
  • GPIO-0 and GPIO-2....
  • ( and several other general purpose IO pins )


    The cheapest suppliers of ESP modules are through ebay and usually have to be shipped from China.
    You will usually be offered Free Postage but delivery can take between two and four weeks.
    You can search ebay for ESP8266 and select "Sort: Price+Postage:lowest first"
    The two links below are from the supplier *foosoo who I have found to be very reliable.
  • ebay supplier (ESP8266 ESP-12 from *foosoo)
  • ebay supplier (ESP8266 ESP-01 from *foosoo)
  • The following suppliers are local Australian companies. Core Electronics is the local agent for Adafruit.
    They can provide the "Huzzah ESP8266" modules - as shown in the descriptions above.
  • Core Electronics (Good range of Microprocessor and Robotics Components)
  • ALTRONICS (Wide range of components and tools - Stores in each state)
  • element14 Australia (Formerly Farnell - Major Australian Electronics Source)
  • WILTRONICS (Good Range of Electronic and Scientific Components)
  • freetronics (Boards, displays and modules for arduino and microcontrollers)
  • Robot Gear Australia (Microcontrollers, Modules and Robotics Components)
  • Logicware (Microcomputers, IOT, Sensors and Robotics Components)

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