Android Mobile Phones represent an exciting new development in computing.

Paradigm Electronics is currently working on a number of Android Applications. These files are just Experimental Applications and should not be used The main Paradigm Electronics Android files are kept offline.

Beta Applications

   Download    Moorabbin WeatherA05 Application   (60 kb)
This program just displays the current Moorabbin weather as sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology. Now working again after changes to the Bureau of Meteorology Format.

Test Applications

This file is just an Experimental Application for mapping Ham Radio Repeaters. Test Version is limited to 2meter Repeaters in Victoria, and is full of bugs... Last Update now supports the use of the 'myLocation button' to move the focus to that location
Download    Ham Repeater Maps Application [mapsr06]   (811 kb)
Updated version - includes elevation profile to a selected repeater, including adjustment for the curvature of the earth - so that the line of sight can be estimated.
Download    Ham Repeater Maps Application [mapsr07]   (811 kb)

Older Experimental Applications:

Download    Weather5 Test Application   (48 kb)
Download    Weather9 Test Application   (46 kb)
Download    Gooogle Maps Test Application   (19 kb)
Download    Maps1 Test Application   (24 kb)
Download    Maps2 Test Application   (24 kb)
Download    WeatherA01 Test Application   (46 kb)
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