Paradigm Electronics commenced trading back in 1983 and has provided quality Electronic and Computer Consultancy in Melbourne, Australia since that time.

Company Details:

Paradigm Electronics is a trading division of BL Software Pty Ltd:   ABN 48 006 904 847

Paradigm Electronics

Principal Technical Consultant: John R McIntyre
John has worked in the Electronic and Computer Industry, since qualifying as an Engineer in 1971, and has extensive experience in Telecommunications, Industry Standards, Computer Programming and Micro-electronics.
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Why the name Paradigm Electronics?

Paradigm (pronounced approximately as /par.a.dim/ ) is defined as 'A system of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality' or more simply 'A conceptual framework - an established thought process'.

In 1983, when Paradigm Electronics was first established, the Electronics Industry was experiencing significant changes. The introduction of small computer Integrated Circuits had opened up Home Computer Processing to the average person. Computer Programming, which was once only the domain of large businesses, became available to ordinary hobbyists. This was the 'Paradigm Shift' that we intended to participate in, and the Business name "Paradigm Electronics" was adopted.

Our first venture into this field was related to the "Microbee Computer"   (http://www.microbeetechnology.com.au/) which was a very successful local Kit Personal Computer that had been developed for the Australian market.

In late 1983 we released software EPROMS that could be installed in the Microbee

  • KSED EPROM implemented an Assembler Language Screen editor.
  • BSED EPROM provided Screen editing functions for the embedded Basic Interpreter.

Initially Paradigm Electronics operated as a hobbyist's business, but has now moved into the world of Embedded Controller chips, Android Development, and custom business software development.

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